High Court Enforcement Officers in London go back to work

 London team enforcement under covid 19
At both Quality Bailiffs https://www.qualitybailiffs.co.uk/london-bailiff-services.htm and Frank G Whitworth High Court Enforcement Officers https://www.frankgwhitworth.co.uk/contact/london.html our London office staff are preparing to go back to work.

Like most industries, this pandemic has hit our hard too. The government brought in new laws during the pandemic. This has meant there are very limited workflows available to a High Court Enforcement Officer to service claimants.

As High Court Enforcement Officers we still are able to enforce writs of possession for trespass, against travellers, trespassers, and squatters.

As to collecting monetary judgments, High Court Enforcement Officers can only enforce writs of control against bushiness at non-residential properties.

This is about to change soon and it will start on 23rd Of August 2020 when the team https://sheriffsarecoming.co.uk/meet-the-team/  are able to visit residential properties again.

From the 30th September then other restrictions come off including residential evictions and forfeitures of lease at business premises. Our staff will have to complete mandatory training including Covid 19 in Enforcement, vulnerability and other relevant courses with IES Training https://iestraining.co.uk/ 

For further information please visit our main site at https://www.frankgwhitworth.co.uk/



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