In this video, we give you a detailed step by step guide on how to collect commercial rent arrears in your property is let out on a lease. This covers the use of the procedure known as Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) formally known as “Distress”. We detail the legislation that allows landlords this privilege, what conditions have to be met to exercise CRAR, This includes purely commercial, over 7 days owed, must be written lease, etc, What can and cannot be collected under CRAR, The procedure of CRAR, sending out the notice of enforcement, sending the Enforcement Agent (bailiff) and what options that gives you like controlled goods agreements, The cost to the landlord if any. Disclaimer This video does not constitute receiving professional advice legal or otherwise it is meant for educational purposes all information is provided in good faith and is used at the user’s own risk. Enforcement Bailiffs Ltd, t/a Quality Bailiffs, Frank G Whitworth, Derby Legal Services, or it’s employees, are not qualified or insured to give legal advice and all clients should satisfy themselves of their own legal position before using or proceeding with any of the suggestions, strategies or procedures contained in this video and before instructing us. Any companies mentioned in this video are for illustration purposes only and we do intend, infer or believe that these companies have any legal issues over debts or anything else. Copyright @ Enforcement Bailiffs Ltd 2020